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Yummydish Review:

Mogu Mogu Grapefruit Flavoured Drink

it's a little grapefruit drink with chunks of some kind of stuff inside it! i haven't had a drink like that in a few years!

i was at the local fruit & veg getting a cucumber and looking for plums (they're out of season now...) and i saw this on a shelf tucked away in a corner. there were a bunch of other flavours, like peach and mango, but i LOVE grapefruit flavoured stuff so i picked this up along with the cucumber and some strawberry pocky...
...except when i got to the counter and tried to pay with my card, it was declined! i'd transferred most of my money to my bills account, and had already spent what was in my spending account on the other groceries i'd gotten. but the guy behind me in line paid for my groceries for me with a $10 note! i was so thankful! he seemed like he was just kind of in a rush and wanted me to hurry along, but it was really nice all the same.

it's a really cute orangey-pink colour, with semi-translucent white chunks inside. there's a little face on the lid!!!

it was delicious! the juice was that nice kind of fake grapefruit flavour i really like, but not too strong - so much of the time i have to water down any juice i buy because it's too sugary. i like grapefruit flavour because it's a little sour and sweet at the same time! the chunks don't really taste like anything but have the perfect kind of chewiness that i really like in drinks! kind of like a firm jelly. i'm drinking it while writing this up, actually! :)

well, i was curious about the chunks, and i saw on the bottle that it mentions "nata de coco." i looked that up, and turns out it's coconut gel, which is made of fermented coconut water! i hate coconut, but i can excuse it just this once, especially because it doesn't actually taste like coconut at all.
also, i never expected someone to pay for my groceries, and it made me let my guard down a little more than i usually would in the shops. even though i was still so so sweaty from having gone to the gym for a couple hours beforehand. people can be so lovely.

Wednesday, May 18th 2022