my name's salem, and i'm just a dude in my mid-20s looking to move away from social media completely and use the internet as a tool for personal archival, entertainment, information-seeking and exploring the unique worlds that people create when given free reign over their internet space!

my main hobby is music - making it and listening to it! i honestly believe my music and musical taste is the best way to get to know me as a person - head over to the record store to hear my tunes and see what kinda stuff i listen to!

i plan on becoming an archivist and hope to start university next year to achieve that, though i'm not sure if i'll end up just getting a general library degree instead.

some of my favourite things are tigers, yakuza (video game series - i like 0, kiwami 1 & 2, and 3 only), DIY clothing, botany, researching, worldbuilding, and my cool electric eraser that i use for my sketches.

i believe passionately in social justice across all boards, land back to all native and indigenous peoples, advocacy & autonomy for disabled people, police & prison abolition, body neutrality, and anti-capitalism. i express my personal thoughts and experiences with all this in my blog over at the newsagents (...or i will when i get it set up, heh).